Oh SNAP! October Edition

Welcoming the SNAP Events Committee; Dr. Anto Bagić; and a SNAP Mural?

Throughout the month of October, SNAP was able to maintain productivity and expand upon the group’s foundational activities at the University of Pittsburgh. Another general body meeting, speaker meeting, and community event were all held as SNAP gears towards becoming more and more involved and effective. Our general body meeting focused upon discussion of what is next for our aspiring organization; for instance, our events committee, pictured below, was detailed and began functioning in full force! This group of SNAP members is dedicated to planning out community activities, such as our nature walk. With regards to our nature walk, the SNAP members were able to enjoy a lovely morning walk in Schenley Park; the goal of meeting the other members and becoming a more closely-knit club was evidently achieved on behalf of the participants.

Events Committee
SNAP Club Events Committee

Our speaker meeting, as aforementioned, featured Dr. Anto Bagić, who fostered an intriguing presentation based upon critical neurological concepts and the topic of epilepsy. Dr. Bagić’s research with MEG was also discussed throughout the course of the conversation. We thank Dr. Bagić for joining us, as well as for inspiring our members to continue striving to help those who are neurodiverse! Up next for SNAP is a third general board meeting, which will be held on the second of November. We look forward to discussing volunteering ventures, future agenda, and more time for group bonding.

Anto Bagić
Anto Bagić, MD, PhD, FAES, FACNS

Last but not least, SNAP is extraordinarily excited to announce that our organization will be involved in a mural project, captained by artist Alison Zapata, which will creatively represent the neurodiverse community. More details regarding this program will be announced in the very near future on SNAP’s social media accounts. If you have not yet, make sure to follow SNAP on Instagram @snapatpitt!

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